Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun Times!!

What a fun family reunion. It was busy but I think we all had a fun time seeing everyone. And this year everyone was able to come for at least a little while.

To recap there was kiddie pool kickball, water balloon volleyball, Uno, Minute to Win It, family pictures, skits, baby blessing, smores in the toaster oven, swimming, crazy relays, baby holding, laughing, etc.

Since we got to copy everyone's pictures to send to Shelly and Grandma, I got to take a quick look through them all and thought I would share a few. This is just a drop in the bucket from the 2 DVD's worth I sent on.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sister's Weekend

It was a great weekend for all!!!!

Thursday - Our opportunity was to get our teeth worked on. What could be more fun. We went to a great dentist, what fine work. - That evening we started to work on child sized quilts that are going to be given a local hospital. -- To keep our energy up we took time away from quilting and jumped on the drums, guitar and microphone to perform Beatles Rock Band. We are one hard rock sisters - We could have been the girl version of the Osmonds (Jackson Five) or more similar to Led Zepplin. We also had hot chocolate chip cookies.

Friday - We got up early to start our day. To get in focus we had a yoga instructor come to teach us. We connected with out inner self. It was then off to the Denver Museum - King Tut display. We learned many interesting facts. - We headed to down town Denver to have dinner at Maggianos. We brought home about 3 meals of leftovers (that could serve 4 people). - In the evening it was off to a Dracula, the play. There was also a song and dance review also. The most impressing part was the jazz piano player, unbelievable.

Saturday - We got up early and went to the fabric store. We got back home and worked on quilts and pillow cases. Everyone got some of their pillowcases done, have you finished then yet?

As you can see we had physical care (dental), exercise (yoga), service (quilts hospital), cultural (art museum), performing arts (Dracula), cravings (CC cookies), personals interests (sewing), and enjoying the company of those that you love.

It was fun for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wedding Festivities

This was a busy weekend for many members of the family. It was good to see everyone who was able to come out for Isaac and Francie's wedding. The dinner on Thursday night was good and entertaining (like Justin's toast based on the words of Samwise Gamgee). There was a lot of speculation about the weather. But Isaac and Francie are bound to have a lot of good luck because it rained on and off all day. Coming out of the temple the sky was gray but there was about 30 minutes before the rain started so many of the pictures (at least with family and friends) were done before it started to rain.

Without a reception to prepare we got to enjoy lunch at Costa Vida, a tour of Kelsey and Garth's new house (looks good), and some shopping at the mall. Then it was off to the outdoor reception, with the rain still coming down. Everything was decorated beautifully and we all had fun socializing with umbrellas held overhead. It was a relief when the rain let up for about 45 minutes for the cake cutting, some dancing, and the bouquet/garter tosses. Just as it started raining again it was time for the happy couple to be off.

Congratulations you guys!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cousin Get-Together

It was a fun Halloween Cousin Get-Together last Friday! We especially enjoyed the fire Grandma started and the pumpkin paiting! Thanks Grandma for a fun evening!

Here is Grandma getting the fire started.

Enjoying the evening and the fire.

The doughnut eating contest!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Here we are in blatant violation of the mandatory evacuation order issued at 2:30 a.m. First came the loud sirens and then came the automated phone call from the Sheriff's Department. "Your home is under mandatory evacuation. Please leave as soon as possible." It was quite a wake up call. We left for an hour and decided to come home for the time being. The fire is burning on the ridge over from us but seems stalled for the time being. It is an incredible sight. Here are some pictures. Needless to say, the pictures don't do the fire justice. It is truly a frightening scene. We'll keep you all posted and yes, we will eventually leave.

Say a little prayer for all of us in So. Cal. It should be an interesting day.

Love you all,

Stan and Colette

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Here we are... at the FAM REUNION!!

Ya Buddy! Talk about being on top of things! I am posting some pics from TONIGHT... YES... TONIGHT!! Thanks to everyone... this is a fantastic reunion! I apologize that my fam (including myself) have been cranky due to lack of sleep! Tonight was amazing - great job on the music Isaac and Jerolyn! I am insanely impressed by your talents. The peaceful serenity of the group tonight made me know that we are being watched over not only by our Heavenly Father - but by our loved ones who reside up in Heaven.

Love you all. Enjoy some fun pics from tonight! You guys made it SO fun!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Camberly's New Blog Site

After much nagging from me, Camberly finally create a blog site dedicated to her craft creations. She loves to quilt, sew and scrap book and now she has a place to display all of her fun creations. You can get to it via a link from our blog or by going directly there via this link. Camberly's New Blog

Here is a taste of what you will see there. This quilt is called Tumbling Blocks. It is one of my favorite ones because of the 3D effect. My brother and his wife are the proud owners of this quilt.